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Applications for the Summer, 2012 Prelaw Institute are on line.

The University of Houston is undertaking a series of initiatives to increase and improve the flow of Houston undergraduates and recent graduates into law school. Each year, Houston-area students enter colleges and law schools all over the country. These initiatives are designed to stem the out-migration of Houston talent and to provide substantive programs and increase the ability of these students to enter legal education. This comprehensive effort will include an intense month-long UH Summer Prelaw Institute, regular Saturday Prelaw Academy programs, law school application assistance, and improved institutional prelaw student programming in area colleges.

  • The sophomore UH Summer Prelaw Institute is held at UHLC in June each year, and provides fulltime course instruction in logic, philosophy, legal reasoning, and written communication. The four-week, six credit program will include coursework, skill training, exposure to the legal profession, and mentoring components, and will be open to Houston college sophomores, students who have not yet reached their junior year. There is no charge or application fee to apply. Students who enroll in the program will be required to pay UH tuition and fees for the 6 semester hours. (Tuition and financial aid information are available from the UH website: .) Students who successfully participate in the Summer Prelaw Institute will receive a stipend, usually $1000, upon completion. Students who participate in this competitive program must devote full time study during the month, and may not be employed while in the program. For questions and additional information, email: . University of St. Thomas Journalism Professor and lawyer Nicole Casarez will direct the 2012 Institute, with Dr. Paul Otremba, who will direct the legal writing component. Additional UH Law Center staff will provide instruction.

  • A regular Saturday Prelaw Academy series will be held in alternating months during the academic year, exposing Houston area students, including graduates of the Summer Prelaw Institute, to local lawyers, judges, legislators, and legal educators. The half-day programs will familiarize students with the practice of law and the requirements for becoming law students and lawyers. The Academy programs will be open to anyone interested in the study of law.

  • During their Junior year, graduates of the UH Summer Prelaw Institute will be eligible for an intensive workshop in their second summer, which will assist them in preparing law school applications; support is generously underwritten by Princeton Review. In addition, the Initiative will sponsor college days and other recruitment activities.

  • Additional technical assistance will be provided to assist local colleges and community colleges with their prelaw clubs and preparation activities. This will include access to speakers, organizational activities, and other resources to identify and nurture college students who have an interest in law school. An effort will be undertaken to establish a prelaw student program at every Houston-area college, and to coordinate activities among the institutions through joint programs.

  • Resources for these activities are provided by the University of Houston, the University of Houston Law Center, the Princeton Review Foundation, the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), the UH College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS), the TG Foundation, Texas Bar Foundation, and local law firms and bar associations. UH Law Professor Michael A. Olivas and a committee chaired by UH CLASS Dean John Antel will supervise this comprehensive Prelaw Initiative. Students who wish to participate should consult the website or use the Program email, or should contact Professor Olivas at . Lawyers and other professionals who wish to volunteer their services should contact Professor Olivas at 713-743-2078 or .